Why I love Josh Gates in anything he does …..



I have said it before and I will say it again, I love this guy and would literally love to go on a trip with him to any destination. When things seemed to slow down with destination truth (SyFy), I figured that I would just keep watching the re-runs because at least I still got a little bit of his snarky humor and jovial anecdotes on his travels. I personally liked the format of the show because it took a clinical approach to seeking out things that we all think about at some point like the Yeti or Big Foot and it took the time to investigate the stories that we tend to read about and simply walk away from. My favorite episode is the one where he goes back to re-investigate the area around ‘Stonehenge’ and his former camera man has another experience there. Its griping to see how freaky it is in other parts of the world, and the creep factor just rises every time he goes somewhere else, like the time he went to check out the Chupacabra. I like the honesty and then the analysis they they do once their investigation is over. His banter with Ryder is always good for a chuckle. So, you can imagine that I was disappointed when I was relegated to re-runs. So…you can imagine how excited I got when I realized that he had a new show on the travel channel. Yes, people Josh is back with a new show. So the excitement is real, its called Expedition Unknown and it will premiere on Thursday, January 8th at 9:00p. He is going to cover such critical and eye catching topics as what really happened to Amelia Earhart’s plane? or Who is D. B. Cooper and did he survive? I for one am looking forward to what he will uncover during his adventures. His sarcasm is unparalleled in a world where way too many people take themselves far too seriously. So if you have not yet discovered this rare comical traveler then take a moment to set your DVR to record his new show.


Destination Truth…Josh Gates ‘you’re my hero’


I have been watching this show for some time now. Josh Gates makes the show and his snarky commentary while he thugs it out in remote jungles is totally priceless. Its always lots of fun watching how some of the local tribal men just stare in complete blank face at all the good humor coming off of this guy. He is usually joined by equally entertaining people like Ryder and Gabe.  Jael is now on Fact or Faked, but I don’t like the way they treat her so I haven’t killed myself to keep up with that show. 

They always have a bit of adventure and they go on pretty cool investigations of some pretty interesting spots around the globe. These guys have gone as close as New Jersey and as far as Antarctica. In every spot there are plenty of jokes to be had, which makes it a fun show to watch. SyFy has a solid one on their hands and Josh Gates is my hero.

Check it out on SyFy Tuesday’s at 9pm.