Why I love Josh Gates in anything he does …..



I have said it before and I will say it again, I love this guy and would literally love to go on a trip with him to any destination. When things seemed to slow down with destination truth (SyFy), I figured that I would just keep watching the re-runs because at least I still got a little bit of his snarky humor and jovial anecdotes on his travels. I personally liked the format of the show because it took a clinical approach to seeking out things that we all think about at some point like the Yeti or Big Foot and it took the time to investigate the stories that we tend to read about and simply walk away from. My favorite episode is the one where he goes back to re-investigate the area around ‘Stonehenge’ and his former camera man has another experience there. Its griping to see how freaky it is in other parts of the world, and the creep factor just rises every time he goes somewhere else, like the time he went to check out the Chupacabra. I like the honesty and then the analysis they they do once their investigation is over. His banter with Ryder is always good for a chuckle. So, you can imagine that I was disappointed when I was relegated to re-runs. So…you can imagine how excited I got when I realized that he had a new show on the travel channel. Yes, people Josh is back with a new show. So the excitement is real, its called Expedition Unknown and it will premiere on Thursday, January 8th at 9:00p. He is going to cover such critical and eye catching topics as what really happened to Amelia Earhart’s plane? or Who is D. B. Cooper and did he survive? I for one am looking forward to what he will uncover during his adventures. His sarcasm is unparalleled in a world where way too many people take themselves far too seriously. So if you have not yet discovered this rare comical traveler then take a moment to set your DVR to record his new show.


At any Moment by Brenna Aubrey


At Any Moment (Gaming the System, #3)At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every time I finish a book, I like to think about the things that made the book memorable to me. What was it that spoke to me. With at any moment it would have to be the prevailing themes; love, loss, and finally redemption. Those are things that stick out the most when you read this book from the Gaming the system series. The story picks up a few days after Adam finds out Mia’s secrets. Almost immediately you come to see that they are each walking on egg shells just to get through the day. Avoiding the proverbial landlines in their relationship that they haven’t yet figured out how to deal with. Mia is not in the best head space at the start, she has a great deal of guilt that she is allowing to override her judgement. So her reactions to things are born out of fear and guilt rather than having been thought out logically. Adam by contrast is burying his emotions and avoiding his own feelings in a single minded attempt to get them through this hurdle. While his approach it admirable it keeps him from having a settled relationship with Mia that he wants. They each have profound love for each other but they can’t seem to get past the things that have happened in their pasts. Mia is very vulnerable and Adam doesn’t want to take advantage of that where she will have more regrets over their relationship. The problem is that while both Mia and Adam are burying their feelings, they continue to bubble up to the surface and challenge what they have for each other. This story is told from both of their points of view and that makes the dialogue flow richly where each of them has an opportunity to express the things they have going on inside of their minds, however, misguided some of it tends to be. The emotional turmoil they endure battling with hardships and losses takes its toll on them and they both realize that they are at a crossroads but neither one of them truly wants to take the necessary steps to make drastic changes to the relationship because they see it as this intensely fragile thing. They weather the storms together but once they are over the hurdle they realize that they are mostly empty. For Adam there is resentment and anger, for Mia there is guilt and mistrust. When they finally give a voice to those feelings they realize that in order for them to get past this and move forward they are going to have to make tough choices and embark on journeys that they didn’t see for themselves when they first began seeing each other. As with any relationship their bonds are tested to the limits and they both come to realize that love is a choice and not a mantle. Love is something that is ever growing and ever changing. Its the responsibility of the parties involved to continuously work on it and to see things through once they have made the commitment to love. As reader you will come to love the honesty and depth of both Mia and Adam. They have a banter between them that is part romance and part camaraderie. While you still get the depth of the other characters such as Heath, Kat, and Jordan, you also have them as compliments rather than over powering the narrative, making for a very enjoyable read. Fans of the previous two books will love the consistency of their journey and the dance that they share in figuring out love in all of its facets and forms. Kudos Brenna, this series was one of a kind, filled with smart and edgy characters that I enjoyed following. Out of a possible 5 stars this one gets all 5. Happy Reading!!!!!

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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James….4 out of 5 stars


Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I finally broke down and read this book. I initially shied away from it because I didn’t feel up for what was being called by some critics a Twilight knock off for a house wife. I have to admit, by the time I was done I could understand both sides of the argument. The story is of a young, socially closed off young woman named Ana who is in the last week of college. She by chance ends up meeting this very mysterious gentleman named Christian Grey.

At the beginning of the story Grey comes off as the proverbial doucher, making these bold statements that while possibly fact for this alternate universe are really very pompous and don’t necessarily make him someone you want to curl up with. I will say that as the story unfolds and you begin to learn more about the characters then you find that he has become this way due to some seriously deep seeded personal issues that can cause the end of their very premature relationship.

Why should you bother to read this book?
My answer to that is simple despite the prose in some sections of the book you come to love both Ana and Christian. What’s more the story is at least quasi realistic and not so far fetched that you can’t overlook some lesser elements of the story that might make you cringe. I think the best thing to do is to lower your expectations and not expect literary genius. Instead seek out a decent plot and characters that you want to know more about. That will get you through a great deal of this first installment in the 3 book series.

I am giving this one 4 out of 5 stars because overall, I really did end up routing for these characters and it served to give me a few hours of decent entertainment.

I will say that there are some very intimate scenes that are graphic for those of you like me who tend to blush at that sort of thing. So…if that makes you uncomfortable then you might consider steering clear of this series, but if not. Happy Reading. I’d love to hear what you think…

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The Cold Light of Day…..I’m game !!!


I came across this movie a few months back and had immediately liked the trailer.  I took some time to consider if I liked the direction they were leading me in and ergo here we have it my take on the upcoming “The Cold Light of Day“.  The movie is expected to star Henry Cavill (The Man of Steel), Bruce Willis (Die Hard Franchise), Sigourney Weaver (Red Light).

As you can see from the cast its a solid cast.  The storyline seems to be one where a family goes on a much needed vacation somewhere really exotic – we are fortunate enough to be graced with the beauty that is Cavill’s abs – and off the beaten path.  While enjoying some time in town the son of the couple heads off the boat and returns to find the boat completely empty and his entire family in the wind.

Cavill seems plausible so far by this point in the trailer so the appearance of Bruce Willis playing the part of his father is a nice twist.  From there you get a barrage of imagery in the form of car chases, gun fights, scaling foreign walls and Willis doing a bit of espionage.  What makes this something to see.  While it is clear they are sticking to a very specific formula, it looks entertaining.  For us red blooded women – that should translate as Henry Cavill’s abs are gorgeous and watching him learn to fight should be a guilty pleasure.

I anticipate this movie will actually bring in some solid numbers, especially given that its not opening until September when most people are looking for something entertaining to hit the theaters.  Until then we will have to see what happens – Obviously, but I am recommending actually hitting a theater to see this one, if for nothing other than another Bruce Willis fight scene.  I love those!!!!

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The Immortals on DVD….!!!!!



Ok so in continuation with my recent DVD series, I took a gamble and decided to watch the Immortals.  This was recently in theaters, and seemed to do ok based on the lack of random death threats and complaints from those patrons exiting the theater.  To refresh, the movie stars, Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Stephen Dorff.

Spoiler Alert for those who plan to rent and/or purchase this movie….

So the movie starts out very simply with a back ground recap with a great voice over by John Hurt.  The plot is laid out where you find young Theseus and the Virginal Oracle in their respective backgrounds.  Now let me just say that I did like this movie and I did find it entertaining.  I was even able to overlook Mickey Rourke single handedly turning me off from the task of eating for the rest of my life, especially fruit.

However, I just felt they could have tried a bit harder with the set design.  While the overall movie takes place in a few spots the scope of the set was so narrow that it gave the feel that they were only making minimal changes to the set and calling them different locations.  Case in point the village that Theseus is leaving seems to only have a small wall and road on which to walk, and the only thing located there is the temple that everyone prays at.  Then there is the matter of the Hyperion underlings, what in the blue blazes was that???? Ok I get it they are into the whole torture scene and really subscribe to S&M weekly but you have one priest cutting out his own tongue and, one guy getting his face hacked up like a tribes man and another three oracles that were totally badass btw, getting fresh roasted in tin bull.

As one that can truly appreciate fantasy and actually sat through blade runner without crying, I feel that the studio should have given them more money for that set, because for me, I found myself over thinking the whole thing.  Is that a bit of an english accent coming through on Theseus; yes readers these are the things I was readily asking out loud during the entire movie.

Out of  4 stars I am giving this title 3.25.  Its not bad, the action sequences are totally worth it and most of the  R rating is mostly due to some very gory scenes.  Oh and if you are in any way an animal rights activist just skip it all together there is a scene in there that is just not for you.

Happy viewing until next time……



I’ve been gone too long…..what on earth is the world coming to?????


Greetings all of my movie/tv/book reading peeps!  

I have been gone for too long apparently since there is a ton of strange and bizarre goings on that all point to what I can only call or refer to as MANIA!!!!! I will do a brief recap, since I am literally what feels like months behind.

OK, so we had a few good titles come out on DVD, lets see. First up,  True Grit with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.  Loved this movie, the reason – it was an honest and unrelenting portrayal of the time.  Just reference the hanging of the native american man approximately 7-12 minutes into the movie.  The entire movie is like that, even during the “trippy” scene toward the end.  Out of 4 stars it gets the full 4 for honesty and GRIT.  (Super sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Next up is, Killer Elite with Robert DeNiro, Jason Statham, and Clive Owen.  Not bad, there was plenty of action from start to finish and of course the gun play worked on a number of levels.  The story line for many who watch Statham films will feel like a re-hash of  The Mechanic (with Ben Foster), the premise for the most part is very similar.  Why both to rent it?  Well you have the action factor but the most fascinating element; his deformed eye and porn stash that Clive Owen rocks through the whole thing.  So for that rent it, the very sight of it will bring a small smile to your face once the credits role.

As an added bonus lets revisit Arrested Development….two words people, ‘Never-Nude’  you must get yourself an Amazon prime membership and rent it or get yourself to the rental store/open a Netflix/Blockbuster account and get the series, its well worth it to watch the unraveling of this family that is completely whacked out of its skull.  Plus listening to them call Michael Cera, ‘George Michael’ well worth it.

That concludes the DVD segment of this post.  On to more fun stuff….Television.  There is clearly a ton of stuff to watch but here is what you should add to your DVR list while you have time…

Archer – This FX show just doesn’t quit and basically can’t get any sicker.  Guns, Sex, Violence, Inappropriate and politically incorrect anecdotes, its all there and then some.  I rather not give away too much if you aren’t watching it but just imagine a cartoon where they pretty much say and do all the things that you might want to say while at work or when dealing with your family and co-workers.  Funny one liners don’t even begin to cover it.

House of Lies – If you’ve read this far you are noticing a theme.  Basically, this one has a nice mix of people who should all be heavily medicated, and probably are.  There is a son who is screaming for attention, a mom that lives on the edge of insanity literally, a dad who is a spin doctor and a ton of crazed and depraved clients, the best part is that is mostly covered in the first two episodes. Don Cheadle does a great job of pulling them all together for the madness-coaster that is this show.  His character has a brutally honest voice that rings clear in the crazy adventures that these people find themselves on.

Spartacus: Vengeance – Mostly naked men running through the forest with swords and abs of steel.  This one gets even more twisted this time around.  As Spartacus becomes legend among the poorer folk.  Fans of the last season of Spartacus:Blood and Sand will appreciate the way in which it somehow actually seems to be gorier and laced with even more sex and violence than last season.  The story unfolds in due course and all will love homage they pay to the ancient times.

Tosh.0 – Daniel Tosh is a very very very sick man….he pulls together web cuts from all over the internet and then basically comments on it.  That’s the show in a nutshell, what makes it watchable (yup creating my own words – this is me multitasking) some of the stuff he finds is so off the charts you sit in awe of the fact that Comedy Central is actually running it.  You have bits like ‘Cannon Ball Dookie’, try not to read too much into it but its pretty much what it sounds like.  Or what I now consider famous the Web Redemption – here he gives web embarrassed fools a chance to redeem themselves, but basically he’s only twisting the knife and making them get more embarrassed all over again.

I have been reading a ton of books, but most of them are not for the faint of heart so I will hold most of those for others posts, but I did finish Tina Fey’s Bossypants….read it people.  It was funny, honest, and irreverent.  You will not be disappointed.

Until next time….

True Blood….Yummy


Sunday was beyond busy and I am still reeling from all of the media, I tried to ingest. However, one of the best parts of Sunday had to be sitting down with a few beers, a few friends, and watching the season premiere of True Blood.

Where do I begin????? Alright, here’s the advice I would give to the cast, so they can avoid unnecessary drama….

So here’s my thing, Lafayette, wth??? The vest no longer plays – it’s been placed on the un-approved list. Nuff said, still loving you, but ditch that and burn it especially after that witch; with her legs cocked open in a Laura Ingles Wilder dress, decided that she wanted to invoke the voice of the exorcist.  In relationships, voodoo should be considered a deal breaker depending on where you’re from and what you’re into.  Carry on, I might have broken my own rules with that specimen you’re keeping on your arm. 

Tara aka Toni!!! I knew you had it in you.  I didn’t realize that it went that deep but I actually understand how you find yourself in the middle of a different town under an assumed identity.  I didn’t immediately anticipate you would have a girlfriend, but more power to you.  Especially when you can beat her tail and then turn around and screw her…Bravo

Bill, I can’t stress this enough, I really want you to sit down.  I have a feeling you are about to do something not cool and its just not going to bode well.  While you, allegedly, care for Sookie, you’ve done your fair share of shyte.  I have a feeling you will find yourself knee deep in it if you don’t tread cautiously. 

Sookie….for now just worry about getting it together.  See if you can maybe work out, seeing the wolf and the vampire, at the same time.  I mean, Bill is there but, he’s into this new thing so you’re just not on the same page. The wolf can be swayed, plus he can walk in daylight. Eric is cute and all, but do you really trust a guy that buys your house for you and then tells you he owns you???? A few dinners but I wouldn’t press my luck there….

Clearly from the looks of things this season is going to be chock-full of interesting twists and turns.  Stay tuned….