Terminator: Genisys just might make me a believer or at least get me to a theater


I have not always been a fan of the Terminator genre, I think it goes back to how I view the zombie apocalypse as being a catalyst for my own demise. Just the same, I have given it the old college try and can say that I truly enjoyed Terminator 2: Judgment Day, starring Edward Furlong, he had the kind of angst that appealed to a kid like me. By contrast that was the only one that received a rewind rating from me. Just the same, I have a good feeling in my gut about this one. The concept for the movie alone is solid and has good structure, plus it will likely confuse a few people which I find fascinating for a good long chuckle. I am intrigued by the actor line up, they are giving us Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard), Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger (Expendables). So like I said, I have a really good feeling about this cast, the best part is they are just this side of Hollywood so they will keep the movie going without diverting attention in a different direction from where the viewers need to be watching. As an avid movie/entertainment viewer, nothing takes away from a solid movie than the actors just not being the right fit for the movie. Think about it, there are tons of movies out there that just didn’t click the way it would have if they went in another direction for the casting or even for the movie itself, please reference Topher Grace as Venom, Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader, Keanu Reeves in Dracula, even Denise Richards starring as a physicist in a Bond film. Think on those painful moments for a second. Now think of the possibilities, John Connor sending his soldier Kyle back, only for Kyle to learn that everything has changed due to everything else they have done previously. Its a very smart approach from a writers standpoint, so yes people I am declaring it now, I am heading to the theater to check this one out so you should too. My gut is usually always right, especially when it comes to a good action flick. Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think, are you going to take a chance on this one? Happy Movie Watching…..


Game of Thrones…Review


Game of Thrones is savage in a manner that I didn’t consider possible.  There is sex, but surprisingly it doesn’t over power the whole feel of the show.  Sean Bean (Ronin, GoldenEye) as Ned Stark is great.  It’s clear that he is a somewhat haunted man, with demons that will clearly have a latent bearing on how he acts as the story moves forward.

Then there is Emilia Clarke (Triassic Attack, Doctors) who plays Daeneryrs Targaryen, who is totally pimped out by her own brother to some totally guttural dudes so that he can reclaim his throne.  She looks like a kid, and yes the whole thing looks so real it sort of feels like R. Kelly‘s sex tape, but I digress. 

Then there are the Lannister’s – MESSY!!!! That is the best way to describe them, you have some high level of incest which would turn your stomach, there is blatant pompousness on all accounts from Jaime Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Kingdom of Heaven, Blackhawk Down) and his ‘alleged’ sister Cersei, played by Lena Headey (300, Sarah Connor Chronicles), they totally do something unthinkable that literally had me with my mouth open catching flies.  I think I was stuck there at least a few minutes. 

 Then there is their halfling brother, who is overcompensating on so many counts, I’m sure that if there were psychology back then he should have been one of the first ones on the couch, only following his brother and sister. 

In general, its become clear that poor Ned will need to realize fast that in order to survive he will need to be ruthless.  Oh, but I almost forgot, there is a bastard son who is raised as a son to Ned, but its clear that the wife, Catelyn Stark, played by Michelle Fairley (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Others) would prefer for him to not show his face anywhere near the family she’s built.  Ned has a large brood of children and his need to stick to the customs of the past will be his demise if he doesn’t begin to change his thinking.  He is in many ways apart of an old guard that for all intents and purposes no longer exists in the way that he sees it.  Most of this lends itself to the fact that he’s remained apart from the main goings on by living so far away from everything. 

We shall see what goes on next week, but I am looking forward to seeing at least one, if not two of the Lannister’s murdered this season.  They have to die, there is no way that the kind of backstabbing and manipulation they are dishing out would go unpunished.  I’m thinking a nice barbaric twist with the creepy guy with the manscara coming in and soiling their good name by putting a nice hurting on Cersei.  I mean lets face it, it’s her ambitions driving that bus.  Sidebar: that hair color does nothing for her face and she needs to go back to being a brunette. 

If you missed the first episode, try to catch up, I have a feeling this one might go the distance.