NCIS: My love/hate affair



I am a totally invested couch potato when it comes to the shows that I watch. Every season, I have a spreadsheet that I concoct filled with information that I use to persuade my family and friends into which shows they should be watching, I have even been known to enforce this on unsuspecting co-wokers at times. Just the same for the past few years NCIS was always at the top of that list. I had fallen in love with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his rules. I loved the way he says so much with his eyes and body movement and so little comes out of his mouth. He has an efficiency with words that I could never quite master in my real life. I always thought that if I could hold back a bit more and keep it simpler, life might be a bit simpler, but that is not always the way of things. I could sit here and wax poetic about how cool Tony DiNozzo is, or how cool McGee is and how much I love Abby and her quick wit or Ducky and his bowties. The truth of the matter is that, while I loved Kate (Sasha Alexander) before she was fatally shot to death on the roof of that building, the love affair was not totally solidified until Ziva David walked onto the scene. Ziva is an assassin for Moussad and she can kill you with her thumb. That is something to aspire to if only in your imaginary mind. I loved that she couldn’t drive and didn’t care what you thought about how bad her driving was. She had this quiet warmth about her underneath the tough exterior that spoke to me. Hell, I would give anything to be able to gut punch someone and have it really hurt when I did it. I strongly doubt that I could deliver that kind of blow without simultaneously breaking something on my person like my foot, when I should have used my hand. She and Gibbs had this understanding, he had held attributes that her father never showed. He wasn’t a kind man, and while he was her father, he had a distance in him that translated in the things that he did and never said. So when he was killed, I figured that it would change her. There is always guilt in a situation like that, and I worried that she would have a hard time coming back from it. I didn’t expect her to decide to up and leave the dang show though. So to be honest, it has taken me quite some time to come to terms with it. Now if you know me, then you know that I will boycott a show in heart beat if I strongly disagree with the direction that they have taken; relegating a once beloved show to me into something I have collecting in my DVR to never to be bothered to watch again. You can feel free to reference my CSI years here. The minute that they got rid of Grissom I was done with them, and while I love Ted Dansen even he was not enough to bring me back from the brink. So when Ziva left and Tony had to watch her go, I just figured that I would be fair. I didn’t want to give up on yet another show. I tried, I really really tried people. I have barely watched this season. Its actually recording right now and I am not watching it. I have given my full attention to Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, hell I have even given my full attention to How to get away with murder, but I cannot bring my self to care about the story anymore. I feel listless watching it because I always figured that my true love was Gibbs, and that over time I would be ok with Ziva leaving. Now I am starting to feel like, maybe I was wrong and this feeling will not be going away any time soon. Its not that I don’t still love Gibbs, but honestly, I feel like we need to get a new assassin or something. Not a replacement for Ziva because that won’t work, but something a bit different. I don’t know maybe someone who is more challenging for Tony or heck I would even be ok bringing on that Coast Guard commander who is like the female version of Gibbs. I couldn’t be a writer on this show, honestly but I literally feel like I can’t be the only person who is not feeling the love this season. Jeez, I can barely sink my teeth into NCIS: New Orleans and that is literally one of my most favorite places in the whole entire world. So who out there has had something like this happen to them. I can’t possibly be the only one. This is literally almost as bad as replacement of ‘becky’ on Roseanne. So who can commiserate, I know I couldn’t possibly be the only one annoyed over here…..Anyone?


Debi Mazar hints at Entourage Movie


A quick tidbit for those of us still foaming at the mouth for just one more Ari rant, Debi Mazar happened to be on PIX a couple days ago and she indicated that while the conclusion to this final season is under close guard, it is expected to be very juicy as in we might get to see Vince in rehab??? The answers remain locked away, but at the very least she too is hearing that there may just be a movie in the works, which she sounds stoked to be apart of….who knew morning news would pay out.  She is obviously totally sworn to secrecy but hey, lets all keep our fingers crossed that the ‘boys’ get the Sex in the City treatment and get a movie out of this….

Dear CBS…please never EVER put Sean Combs back on AGAIN


Dearest CBS,

Hi, you probably don’t realize that I am a viewer that has offered you consistent viewership for years.  I took a number of things from you over the years.  Like allowing you to switch up CSI and let Grisom walk away.  I considered a sit in, but opted to stop watching.  I took it all in stride when you replaced him with Lawrence Fishburne.  I decided not to take it personal when you let Mandy Patinkin walk off of Criminal Minds and replaced him with Joe Mantegna.  I didn’t even blink an eye when you permitted Forest Whitaker to get Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior. 

So you may be wondering, if you stood by us for the other stuff why a letter now.  Well, you messed up big time. You allowed actually had the gall to call Sean Combs to participate in an episode of Hawaii 5.0.  What were you thinking?  This retched and vile little man does not begin to translate well on any screen.  He is the bane of television shows…an oozing boil on what could have been decent tv..and last week I had to watch him.  I, as did millions of other viewers, were damn near hog tied and forced to watch him in all of his non-believable glory act as if he were some sort of undercover cop working with the FBI.  Are you quite mad????

Do not do this again.  Do not subject viewers that have been loyal – even with all that you’ve done with CSI:Miami – to Sean Combs.  He is the epitome of bad tv.  He did not do well.  His performance was like luke warm beer sitting in the California sun for two weeks and then ingested by a gang member right before he goes on a crime spree.  He’s a joke, a plague on what should be permissible on the small screen.  Now if you are willing to comply, this need not happen again.  I will not feel the need to contact you and let you know that you’ve committed such an egregious error.  However, I will seriously contact every Neilsen viewer possible through the wonder that is the internet if you ever put him back on any show on your network again.  Someone has to take a stand against bad tv, and I’ve decided it can be me.  Bully for you if you come to your senses, bad ratings for you if you don’t. 

Take care my dears, its not been fun.

P.S.: Below is a simple display of the evidence of my allegations noted above….

Green Lantern coming to the big screen in June !!!



Ever since that huge box office opening weekend we all were able to witness with Spiderman, Hollywood has been trying to chase the white rabbit.  Now I hate to be a pessimist, I mean who doesn’t want to see a great comic made into a movie?  So I will admit, I was totally stoked when they announced that Green Lantern was up next to the big screen

Then they announced that Ryan Reynolds (Buried, Blade 3, The Proposal) would play the part of Hal Jordan, I felt all that anticipation sort of drop a bit.  Ryan has acting chops as many people seemed to think of some of his indie film releases, but there is just something about him that doesn’t translate into this guy can get bad-ass when he needs to.  Honestly, I didn’t even get scared watching Wolverine:Origins until they have shaved off all his hair and fused his mouth shut.  So what would that mean for Green Lantern? 

Honestly the whole thing is a crap shoot – it could be great and we can all walk away feeling like he was the second coming or it could blow ass so bad we walk out, which by the way I haven’t done since Sylvester Stallone in Oscar.  Past garbage aside, I like this guy.  No its not because of his abs or that handsome face, although these are excellent things, the man is hot and would totally make anyone’s celebrity bang list.  I think the thing here is to just walk in and overlook the fact that they have that incessant Blake Lively (The Town) even if she was really good in The town or the every slippery Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead, Boys don’t Cry).  Sidebar: Peter Sarsgaard just seems to have one of those faces that screams shitty car salesman. 

I mean this one has a lot riding on it, even the director’s wife expressed her belief that this one would be bigger than Spider Man.  From the looks of the trailer it has a shot, but as we have all seen a trailer and a movie are two totally different things.  Here’s to hoping the best scenes weren’t all in the trailer. 

Here’s a look at some of the trailers:

Real Housewives of New Jersey to start…claws are out!!!!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is about to start its third season and Bravo is promising a season full of fights and the latest in Italian swag. 

Since we lost our resident trouble maker Danielle Staub, the question going into the break was who could potentially replace her?  Rumors for most of that time had been that it would likely be Melissa Gorga, who is Teresa Guidice’s sister-in-law, and apparently based on postings and interviews by the cast those rumors proved to be true. 



Melissa Gorga,  is married to Teresa’s biological brother Joe.  They have three kids together and have been together for a few years according to the Bravo website.  Just the same it appears that these two did not get along and continue to not get along. 

Another add on for the season is Teresa’s first cousin, Kathy Wakile.  Words just can’t express, but let’s just say she is real “hard in the face” – so I can only envision how catty its going to get as the season goes on.  Apparently, there is a ton of bad blood between all to the point where there was minimal interaction before the show. 

My prediction is that by the end of this season Theresa is going to leave, the show will have issues and they will beg Dina to come back.  However, due to all of the issues that her ex-hubby caused last season, she will have her hands tied and will not bother to come back which will be the ultimate demise of the show. 

Although, it could go in a totally different direction and they just replace the whole cast.  Either way this year is going to be filled with more tantrums and more tiara’s than either of the previous two seasons combined.  Drama, drama, drama!!!



Check out the sneak peek, before the new season begins Monday, May 16 @ 9pm on Bravo!!!!!

A Sneak Peek at Season 3.

Abduction…New John Singleton movie to debut trailer tonight on MTV


I will not even pretend that I am a fan of Taylor Lautner (Twilight saga, Shark Boy and Lava Girl).  I was actually sort of irritated that he was chosen to fill the role of Jacob in the movies.  He just never exuded that vibe for me of gawky kid turned full blown hottie, no matter how hard they panned the camera angle during filming. 

Honestly, who actually feared for Bella or Alice for that matter in New Moon when he threatened Alice….sorry but even I felt like I could take him, and I’m a mere mortal.  Just the same the show must go on and more movies have to come out.  So imagine my surprise when during my surfing I found that John Singleton (Boyz n da Hood, Four Brothers) was directing a new film that would star Taylor Lautner.  I think I threw a vase at the time.  Especially since it would be an action flick….Huh??? anyone but me hear crickets?

Either way, apparently we just can’t delay the inevitable, so tonight for all you current MTV watchers out there they are debuting the trailer around 7:36pm Est for those on the east coast.  Now I’m not saying there may not come a day when Taylor really finds a gritty role that he can rise to where I walk away believing that he really was worth his salt and had nailed the character, I’m just thinking that day won’t be today…..Hhhmmm….

BTW: you’ll notice that Lily Collins, who will soon play Clary in the Mortal Instruments movie, is in this one as well. 

This guy just doesn’t come across as capable of badass…..

Mortal Instruments, may just beat out Vampire Academy in hitting the big screen!!!!


Man-O-man, I am just hearing that the Mortal Instruments will now be made a movie

IF you’ve read this series, you know about its tumultuous story and the flipant yet gritty character of Jace and the main character Clary.  Well word on the ‘street’ apparently is that it has been picked up and has a director and at least one character attached so far. 

This series is genuinely unique and the fantasy takes place against a number of back drops but each one is a site to behold and will pull you in.  I honestly hope that they are able to find a really nice balance in this one that many others have had a very difficult time finding. 

In the event that you are into reading the books before the movie, the first book in the series which this particular movie will be based, is called City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, which is followed by City of Ashes and City of Glass

So whose attached to the film, well right now they have Lily Collins(Priest, The Blind Side) attached to play Clary.  The role of Jace has not been filled, but if they are ever wanting my two cents – Hollywood you know where to find me.  They have Scott Charles Stewart (Legion, Sin City) to direct.  Here is where things get a 50/50, because he has worked at the senior level for a number of big ticket movies but just the same he is still new in a sense as a director.  Will he be able to capture the various elements that make this story great and work with the script? 

At this point only time will tell. ….Either way these books are well worth the read.