At any Moment by Brenna Aubrey


At Any Moment (Gaming the System, #3)At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every time I finish a book, I like to think about the things that made the book memorable to me. What was it that spoke to me. With at any moment it would have to be the prevailing themes; love, loss, and finally redemption. Those are things that stick out the most when you read this book from the Gaming the system series. The story picks up a few days after Adam finds out Mia’s secrets. Almost immediately you come to see that they are each walking on egg shells just to get through the day. Avoiding the proverbial landlines in their relationship that they haven’t yet figured out how to deal with. Mia is not in the best head space at the start, she has a great deal of guilt that she is allowing to override her judgement. So her reactions to things are born out of fear and guilt rather than having been thought out logically. Adam by contrast is burying his emotions and avoiding his own feelings in a single minded attempt to get them through this hurdle. While his approach it admirable it keeps him from having a settled relationship with Mia that he wants. They each have profound love for each other but they can’t seem to get past the things that have happened in their pasts. Mia is very vulnerable and Adam doesn’t want to take advantage of that where she will have more regrets over their relationship. The problem is that while both Mia and Adam are burying their feelings, they continue to bubble up to the surface and challenge what they have for each other. This story is told from both of their points of view and that makes the dialogue flow richly where each of them has an opportunity to express the things they have going on inside of their minds, however, misguided some of it tends to be. The emotional turmoil they endure battling with hardships and losses takes its toll on them and they both realize that they are at a crossroads but neither one of them truly wants to take the necessary steps to make drastic changes to the relationship because they see it as this intensely fragile thing. They weather the storms together but once they are over the hurdle they realize that they are mostly empty. For Adam there is resentment and anger, for Mia there is guilt and mistrust. When they finally give a voice to those feelings they realize that in order for them to get past this and move forward they are going to have to make tough choices and embark on journeys that they didn’t see for themselves when they first began seeing each other. As with any relationship their bonds are tested to the limits and they both come to realize that love is a choice and not a mantle. Love is something that is ever growing and ever changing. Its the responsibility of the parties involved to continuously work on it and to see things through once they have made the commitment to love. As reader you will come to love the honesty and depth of both Mia and Adam. They have a banter between them that is part romance and part camaraderie. While you still get the depth of the other characters such as Heath, Kat, and Jordan, you also have them as compliments rather than over powering the narrative, making for a very enjoyable read. Fans of the previous two books will love the consistency of their journey and the dance that they share in figuring out love in all of its facets and forms. Kudos Brenna, this series was one of a kind, filled with smart and edgy characters that I enjoyed following. Out of a possible 5 stars this one gets all 5. Happy Reading!!!!!

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