The Amazing Spider Man…July 3, 2012



When I first heard of Andrew Garfield it was for his turn in the movie the Social Network, where he was very convincing as Eduardo Saverin.  I need to admit though that I just didn’t see him as a Spider Man, he’s easy on the eyes but to me he didn’t seem to have that spark.  After watching the Social Network, however, I will say that he gets my vote of confidence.

He has a certain something that is part indescribable part just great timing.  Now I along with the rest of those with clear and level heads wondered about the necessity of another Spider Man reboot.  I mean do we need to revisit this genre right now or could it hold a bit while we focus on another Superman?  To that I say their decision to focus on the earlier part of his existence is a decent play, will it work?  That remains to be seen.  It does give the story a different angle to view and if we haven’t beat the Tobey Maguire stick to death it may have a chance at winning the hearts of theater goers around the world.

Given that this summer has been pretty lackluster with minimal exceptions to that rule it goes without saying, that it will hinge significantly on the weekend and the competition what its opening numbers end up being.  Hopefully for this group its heads up and not tails.  Take a look at the trailer which also has cool Emma Stone.

Whose checking for Spidy action in the theater next summer????





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