Something Borrowed…5/6/11


Fun, flirty, romantic-comedy…..zzzzzzzzz

That could be the sound of me snoozing it up as Warner Bros. comes out with yet another romantic comedy.  As of late Kate Hudson (Raising Helen, Bride Wars) has not had huge pull at the box office and while she still exudes girl next door for most, there is just such a lull coming off of her that a small retreat in an Indonesian village might not be a bad thing right now so she can re-center and re-balance herself. 

Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s just not that into you, Big Love) is still a solid cast but I can’t help but say this: “Who feels like they’ve seen this movie already?”  It could just be the Monday blahs but this concept is not new, it will probably,

Sidebar: No I have not read the book this is based on…

circle around two friends, in this case Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson), whose friendship is in some way tested by ones promiscuous ways with the others boyfriend/fiance its all relative at this point.  Add to that the male friend (John Krasinsky) who has gone over looked and under appreciated up until this time.  Some hokey stuff will happen but its not like its going to end with neither of the girls speaking again. 

What I wouldn’t give just to see the guy get cussed out and never spoken to while the two women walk off….opps that was Thelma & Louise.  Just the same if you get bored I am more than sure that this one is work at least an hour and half worth of time. 

There is always the option that I could be totally wrong and its a great film and everyone loves it, what do I know, I actually liked Mathew McConaughey (The Lincoln Lawyer, A Time to Kill) as Dirk Pitt in Sahara and cracked up at Steve Zahn (A Perfect Get Away, Joy Ride) too.


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